How to Reset HSBC Singapore Phone Banking Pin

Reseting HSBC phone banking pin can be a a breeze, if you know the steps. Took the hard way to find out and figured I should record it down. If you are having problem reseting it, hope you find this helpful.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Call HSBC at 1800 4722 669.
  2. Enter either your a)10 digit phone banking number, b)12 digit account number, or c)16 digit credit card number.
  3. When asked for pin, press the # key.
  4. A OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to your mobile phone. Enter it and wait.
  5. Enter a new 6 digit Phone Banking Pin to reset the current
  6. Enter the new Phone Banking Pin to re-confirm
  7. Done!
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How to Bid Vehicle Number in Singapore [Guide]

Getting a new number plate for your new (or existing car) in Singapore can be fairly  simple if you know the procedures. If you have a number in mind, and is wondering how to own it and wear it on your car, then this guide is for you.

In this guide, I will attempt to describe the entire process, finding out the number’s availability to submitting your bidding applications. In a nutshell, here’s what you will be doing:

  1. Check number availability
  2. Fill bidding forms
  3. Submit your bid
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Fake measle

Blair was having high fever for four days. I think I was the one who passed the virus to her as I was having flu for few days before also.

So Blair started off with high fever between 38-40 degree Celsius. Up and down over the few days from Tuesday to Friday.

We brought her to children clinic after a day feeding her paracetamol syrup. Her fever has not disappear after 24 hrs.

At children clinic, doctor has no clue what will the illness be. So he was checking the 3 illness that are life threatening – meningitis (脑膜炎), UTI (尿道发炎) and pneumonia (肺炎).

While doing urine test, she is required to urinate. amazingly, she urinate within 5 mins time. Even hongkiat cant believe she can do that.

She was not infected for the mentioned 3 illness. Doctor ask us not to worry. Doctor said she was attacked by virus but did not say what virus. He said the fever will disappear within 5 days. We will just have to monitor.

The high fever really went away by Friday. But we noticed red spots on her body. I quickly go google about this. Found out a illness called roseola.

The symptoms mentioned are totally same like Blair, having high fever and red spots.

It was not something serious. It’s a common sick for baby at her age.

Moreover, she behaves normal. As active as she always did.

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My baby

Blair always have something to impress me.

Like today, she is having slight fever. We want her to drink the medicine, she refused at first, but after we talk to her that she is sick and have to drink medicine to recover, she seems to understand. She happily finished the medicine and a glass of water.

I am impressed by the attitude that she is having. She is only a 21 months old toddler. She can understand us and willing to cooperate. This is not a rare case, she really understand us and seldom give us difficult time. Never wanted something and don’t want to give in. She always cooperate and listen to us.

My good girl. Mommy loves you!

Updated: Another impressive question she asked when Hongkiat is trying to take her temperature with ear thermometer, “papa, which ear do you want?”

This is something definitely new as we did not teach. I am amazed by how fast she can developed by relating everything.


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