Jerejak Trip

I wanted blog this as soon as i can. I have no idea how long I am going to blog, but i bet it would be quite long. Will try my best to shower with more pictures in this entry.
Since everyone know that I back from Pulau Jerejak, they urge me to show pictures & story immediately… I am trying my best now.

Okay, this trip was suppose to be my company trip. But end up only 2 of us (me and Tracy) going, then Tracy’s friends – Hong Ming & Joey, and ex-colleague (Sim Sim) & friends (Wei Fong, Jen, Hui Ling & Ai Li). All together 9 people for the trip. FYI, my company is not any big organization, my company only have 6 ppl working – Boss, Robin(programmer), Tracy (HR & Admin-one leg kick), Madison (Marketing & Sales-also one leg kick), me (web designer-the free-est people in the company) & a part time copywriter(he does not come working everyday). The rest of them were either busy or need to take care of their son (yeah, all the man in my company are married), therefore only me and Cici (tracy) can made it.

Anyway, back to Pulau Jerejak. Many of you might not know where is Pulau Jerejak, it is an island about 10mins away from the Penang Island with the ferry distance. A brief history about Pulau Jerejak, it used to have a hospital, as a possible isolation centre for leprosy patients. Pulau Jerejak also used to be a prison but now moved to JB already(according to a taxi driver), but i dont really it moved for how long. An AsiaExplorer- Tim also wrote about history of Pulau Jerejak. Actually, this Jerejak Resort & Spa was opened in January 2004. It seems not really developed yet. The places where we can move around does not even occupied 10% of the island.

Hmm, I start from the day 1 la. I met everyone at Puduraya bus station at about 7.15am at day 1(14/04/06). Our bus departed 7.30am from Pudu and head off to Penang straight.

We reached at Penang 4 hours later, 11.30am. Our schedule for ferry was 2.30pm, ~.~!! boring period at Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal from 11.30am – 1.45pm. We had our super mm hou sik (tasteless) and expensive mamak meal at this look-so-dead mamak at the bus terminal. Well, no choice but to eat there, coz none of us know where to eat. Anyway, the lunch was a warming up meeting with new friends (i dont know everyone except Tracy and SimSim). Agent from the resort came pick us up 1.45pm and send us to Jerejak Jetty.

(We were on the way to the Jerejak jetty)

The jetty seem very very new, and look nice too. hehehe… Sunny and windy … felt so great. The island look so green, looks like the drama LOST !

Since there are 9 of us, the jetty people drive a Proton Arena to take our ‘luggage’ to the end of jetty. Actually we dont really need that service coz the jetty was just about 2-3mins by walking, since we were so many pretty girls here (7 girls & 2 guys), guess the guys were just offering lo. haha. Besides putting our bags on the Arena, WE ALL ACTUALLY HOPPED in to the truck.

Kakaka, looks like 3 8, quite a few other tourists were actually looking at us. Aiya, holiday mood ma, no care la, by the way, was fun standing at the back of the truck.

We then had our own sweet time taking pictures at the jetty there, since the time was still allow us to do so. Took the ferry (more like a speedy boat la), Pulau Jerejak & Penang Bridge as background. Holiday is all about taking pictures. Hahaha.

Riding the ferry (I said boat lo !) to Pulau Jerejak was onli about 15mins. When we reached Pulau Jerejak, we went and checked-in our room. Group was divided into 4 & 5 people in a room. Tell you what, the room was amazing. 4 single bed, 4 personal drawer to keep your shirts, air-conditioned, concrete based(i always thought chalet at island all wood based), one small balcony for you to dry your cloth, small fridge, tv, and most incredibly – they have BIG washroom, i mean 2 bath rooms and 1 toilet(for big and small business), 2 basin and big mirror. (yea, girls like mirror, especially big one) Kakakaka… at first, i was worry to sleep with strangers (as in, not my family or someone i close with) in a queen size bed, now, things were just perfect. Each one gets own bed.

After settle down our stuff, we wash up and get ourself ready for spa & massage section at 4pm. Each section was allowed 3 people at a time, last for 1 hour. Spa & massage was whole new experience to me. I never went for any of these service before. So this section included me, Joey and SimSim. We were the 1st group to go spa & massage, we went up to the spa center. Walked up to a small hill , *phew*, reached, *phew*, has been, *phew*, walking for 10mins, *phew**phew**phew*… didn’t know it was this far and high. The sceneries were very nice up the hill. No one could see you even you naked.

Hahaha… Yea, doing spa & massage, you gotto be topless and wearing only your underwear. 3 of us, we split again, 2 for 1 room and another 1 at the other room. So called room but without any windows or doors. They got curtain to cover only. It looks much like Bali style. 2 look-like-malay girls were serving us, 1st, they ask us to removed our cloth and pant, leave only the underwear, and we were provided a kimono as cover. Off coz, the massage ladies were not in the room.

After that, the massage lady helped me to do a foot bath, with warm water and some dunno-what fragrance oil. The bath was like very bried bath. Basically to clear the dirts only. Then i was asked to lay down on the bed with face down. (there was a hole for me to put my face… i bet u know how the whole thing looks like). Then she started to take off my kimono, *shy*… and very fast, she covered me with towel. Then she apply some massage oil on my back, rub rub rub, massage a bit.. push from down to upper part of my back.. for about 10mins.. I felt a bit heat at my back. After that, she covered my back with towel, then moved to my leg. Did the same thing, apply massage oil then massage. After massage for both leg, then my hands. Then i was told to lay with my face up. I was thinking, “HA… shit, is she going to rub my breast also ? Yer.. i dowan.. ” *phew* to my relief, NO ONE IS GONNA TOUCH MY BREAST. :) She just wanna massage the front part of my foot and hands where she din get to massage just now. Then i sit up, she massage my shoulder. The whole massage thing was ok. I dont know what is good and bad. Never experience before. Maybe the next time i will go Thailand and experience something better. Hehe. At the time we finished the massage, it started to rain. Was not heavy, just a few drops la. Then we were told that we can get a ride back to our chalet… AIKS, why just now no one tell us we can have a ride up to the hill ? &^&^%*(@(*#&@$%^%# Anyway, this free ride sent us back to chalet. You gotto see this car, it was a kancil originally, just that they turn it into a GOLF CAR. ahahha, took out the windows & the doors.

Back to our room, rest a while (since it’s raining, cant really have outdoor activities) and wait for dinner at 7.30pm. Before going to dinner, i took a shower. Dress nicely in orange, (i kinda happen to have a lot of orange stuff this year) put a bit make up coz wanna take nice pictures ma. Hehehe.. So we took a short tour walk around the resort, snap a few pictures, read the history wall.

And its dinner time. The restaurant (the only restaurant) looks nice, but some of the glass, plates, chairs were not clean. Kinda disappointed at this. Not forgotten, a lot of mosquitoes. Was kissed by them N-times, left me all the ‘love bite’. Alright, back to the dinner, this dinner was included in our package, a set dinner. Western style – a soup(corn soup), a maincourse (choice of lamb chop or fish chop spagetti) and free flow of sky juice (RO water la- what a combination). My order was fish chop spagetti, the taste of spagetti – so so only, i think not creamy enough and the spagetti was all broke into pieces. But the fish chop was great. hehe The guys were ordering lamb chop, it taste better than fish chop, it was covered with black pepper source, my favourite neh! Then i did a barter with my friend, exchange 1 lil piece of lamb chop with 1 lil piece of fish chop. Keke.

After the dinner, we immidiately ran off the restaurant, becoz all of us were attacked by mosquitoes. We walked around and took pictures. According to our package, we will get a free drink(out of my expectation, i thought i’d be getting a beer, but all i got was a can of sarsi, exactly what kind of bar was that.. duh) at the ‘Beach Bar’ (the only bar) and karaoke section there. Well, karaoke set was fine, dvd player with cordless mic, but the SONGS WERE SUCKS. The collections were sucks, 50% were malay songs, 45% english songs and 5% were chinese songs (and all the chinese songs were Jacky Cheong’s songs – sing what oh????) I thought the collection were already sucks la, so we chose some love songs lo, to my surprise, we gotto follow the jam, “I’m all out of love-ve-ve-ve-ve-ve-ve-ve, forver-ver-ver-ver-ver-ver-ver without u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u…. ” Freaking pirated dvd? AND the MV was bad… the music was bad… I cant bear anymore, i gave up my favourite hobby – karaoke… KA YOUR HEAD! Such bad service, it’s better than you dont offer. I rather do some photo taking now. So there was I, happily taking pictures. Kaka…

Wondering around the bar for about 1 hour, we head back to the room. All of us were tired as we get up pretty early this morning. We had an early sleep… at about 12am.

The next morning, we woke up early at around 7.30am. Breakfast time started 6a till 10am only, so we gotto catch the breakfast before time ended. 2 Breakfasts were included in our package. Breakfast was buffet style, i ate quite a lot. Hehehe…

After breakfast, another 3 went for spa & massage section. At this 1 hour, the rest of us were wondering around the resort, we will have activities at about 1.30pm. The time was only 10am at that moment. Me, cici, hong ming & Joey planned to swim after disgested. So while waiting for swimming, I took this time to walk around, sat at the playground, listening to my mp3s and watching the sea.. enjoying the wind. (KL no beach ma). Here are some sceneries around the island :

Staying at island really have nothing to do. I then gathered up the details about what activities you can do at Pulau Jerejak.

Activities at Pulau Jerejak:
i) Wall Climbing

ii) Jungle Tracking
iii) Swimming

(i dont have nice body shape to show you all my bikini la, sorry ya, dont get disappointed.. hehe)
iv) Mountain biking
v) Suspension Bridge & Flying Fox
vi) Fishing
vii) Archery
viii) Paint Ball (a crew of the resort did suggest us to play this game, but we didn’t)
Maybe there are other activities available, but I can only see these few activities around at the island. I guess they are still working on coming out with more avtivities.

Then I went back to room and change swim suit. There was a slide at the swimming pool. Hahah, off coz i will ‘enjoy’ the slide as much as i can.

Playing at the swimming pool for about 90mins, we then went back to the room and change shirt for the next activity – crossing the suspension bridge and flying fox.

The bridge was about 70 meter long. How high? Erm, forgot to ask. Seems like la.. like 5th floor. After we cross the bridge, we will do the flying fox. This was my 1st time doing flying fox, it looks exciting. During the time when the crew explaining to us on what to do, how to wear the ‘thing’ (i m not sure what to call), i played a little joke with him, “Aiya, shy la, this is like wearing underwear, somemore wear infront of so many people”. As i was trying to wear it, i got stuck, coz don’t really know how to wear seriously, i need his help, he then joke with me, “Ahmoi, u wear underwear also need my help ah” … Ish.. embrassing… After wore the thing, then gotto wear the helmet too.

After everything was done, i be the 1st one who do the flying fox, the whole trip was only about 8 seconds. I managed to do a video shooting. But i was screaming like hell la, watch it if you want to, don’t come back scold me for breaking your eardrum.

For clearer video, maybe you can watch this – Ah Fong’s one. This one was shoot with digital camera, a lot more clearer.

Exactly how fun was that… ahahha, all of us took the second ride. And we were allowed to do 2 times only. Else, we gotto pay for that.

After flying fox, we rushed back to the room and took shower. It was already 2.20pm. We gotto catch the ferry at 3.30pm to go out to Penang for a walk and dinner. Why rush? Coz the ferry schedule was 1 ferry in 2 hours time, if we missed 3.30pm, we will have to wait till 5.30pm. Luckily we got 2 bath room, so everything was right on time. We managed to catch 3.30pm ferry. We went to kek lok si (by the time we reached there, were almost 5pm, the temple close at 6pm, darn!) by cab. For those who dont know, Penang cab service will never charge by meter, bargain the price before you ride and bear in mind, IT’s FREAKING expensive.

Before went up to Kek lok si, we went for asam laksa, a must-eat local food ma. Somewhere around the asam laksa stall, i saw something which catch my attention – ‘fried ice’ (that’s what the banner was writting – fried ice, what an odd name, huh?)

There was this little stall, selling fried ice, with different flavour – watermelon, lycee, mix fruits la..etc etc.. The seller will pour the water onto this pan, and start to fry the water. The water will become ice in very immediate second.

I also shoot the whole process for your view. I’m not sure is this fried ice seen in KL. I long time no go pasar malam already. Maybe it was selling hot around KL without me knowing its existance. But anyway, just for those who haven known about it. View it. Amazingly, within 2 mins the water become ice blended at the end. The idea was good. But kinda troublesome. Hahaha, i guess the blender would be a lot more faster.

After watching this fried ice, we walked up to kek lok si just to bai bai & pray.

And there it goes, Rain heavily. All of us stucked at the kek lok si for 30mins, at the same time, we discussed that we should go to some shopping for a walk before dinner. We decided to go to Gurney plaza. Guess who i met there, my lovely bitch – Amanda. Ta dang… hahahahha.. what’s the odd of meeting your friend at the exact same time and same place without planning in advance? Hahaha.. Was so happy to see her, and gave her a big hug.

Gurney plaza was just like Mid Valley Megamall to me. Oh ya, the only RedBox karaoke in the Penang was located at Gurney Plaza. Erm, shopping mall was just somewhere we wanted to kill time. Didn’t intend to buy anything here. Then we went to the Gurney hawker center for dinner. After dinner, few of us were kinda tired. Moreover, cici was not feeling well, she started to get fever, i guess it was the rain that afternoon.

So we decided to go back to the resort, (me, cici, hongming & joey) 4 of us took a cab to Jerejak jetty.
Approached a taxi driver, i said: “uncle, we wanna go to Jerejak jetty”
Taxi driver: “ok, 8 ko (RM 8 in hokkien)”
We thought “eh so cheap.. good” then i said: “Ok uncle, wa are rushing for 10.30pm’s ferry, please make it fast”…
Taxi driver: ” aiya, Berjaya very near only, dun worry”…
Wait a second, did he just say BREJAYA ? But why berjaya.. ?
Cici replied in hokkien “Mm si berjaya la Uncle, wa lang ai ki Jerejak jetty (no, not Berjaya la uncle, we wanna go Jerejak jetty)”
Taxi driver: “si lo si lo, berjaya jetty ma” … I guess the uncle hearing got problem… Or he was not familiar with Jerejak… ?
I said: “No uncle, we wanna go Pulau Jerejak… Is it very far from here?”
Taxi driver : “eh, jerjak ah… Jerjak mm si 8 ko lo… jerjak ai 20 ko lo (Eh, Jerjak ah.. Jerjak is not Rm8, Jerjak needed RM20 lo)” … Erm.. JERJAK ? instead of Jerejak… Finally, he got what we meant… He was driving freaking slow, like 40km/hr… We were all so kan jeong, coz my watch was saying 10.15pm already, and still felt like we were so far from the jetty… kinda worry that we wont be able to catch that ferry…
I urged the uncle to drive a little faster… but he still said :” Dont worry, very near only, still got enough time” … Aiya. uncle… just drive a little faster… :( Anyway, he looks like he was already 65 years old.

10.25pm, we were able to go on the ferry.. hehe.. Felt like we were people in hongkong, always rush for last ferry to get home…. While i was on the ferry, i looked at the island, it looks kinda scary like it was haunted.. ahhaha… Coz from the history, it said the island was a prison and hospital… there must have people who died there before. :p

Anyway, when we got back to the room, it was already 11pm… tired and a bit headache (it must have be the rain that afternoon). I fall asleep pretty fast. Hehehe… Sleep till the next morning.. hmm… feel so great…

The trip finally came to the last day. Like yesterday, we went for the breakfast. The food more or less were the same as yesterday. After the breakfast, again the last 3 person went for the spa & massage. I went around again, watch people fishing.

Enjoy the wind and seaview for the last time. But kinda sad to see the sea was so dirty, full of rubbish. Why cant the seaview look like those Pulau Tioman Or Redang ? Hmm… Who should we blame?

Then we wait for 1.30pm’s ferry back to penang island. We had our lunch at Bukit Jambul, where it was pretty near to the Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal. Our bus will depart at 3.30pm. 4 hours journey back to KL. Trip ended up sound boring, coz it’s really nothing fun about it. I like the activities at Pulau Jerejak. I would wanna go back there again few more years later, when it is more developed. According to one of the crew, there will be longer distance for new flying fox. I would love to try that out, and i certainly wish they would have bungee jump one day. Hehehe…

So, how does Pulau Jerejak sound to you? Go experience it.
Our package was about RM220/pax – included 3 days 2 nights staying at 4 single bed room, 2 buffet breakfast, 1 set dinner, choice of activities (flying fox & suspension bridge, or wall climbing, or jungle tracking… etc) and unlimited ride of ferry.

This package sounds pretty cheap. If you are interested, you can contact the resort and make reservation. Once again, click here for Jerejak Resort.

p/s: I will upload more pictures later once I retrieve pictures from my camera. Pictures here are from my HP and Simsim’s Camera. I still got a lot more to show. — Pictures were uploaded.
p/s: If you would like to view all the pictures i’ve taken, go to Enjoy. !

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