Gong Hei Fatt Choy

Finally I am back.

I gained some and lose a lot. Gained from ang pow, gamble (black jack, big2, mahjong) and weight. Lose some money on mahjong and I got sick for few days. Damn… That’s why I said i lose a lot, because I was feeling terrible during the 3rd day.

Please view more of my CNY pictures at my photo album.

Mom cook a super delicious reunion dinner for us. I love the prawns a lot. It was fried with oat meal and some chili. I’ve ate a lot!

Reunion Dinner

Oat Meal Prawns

Daddy was unable to come back for dinner, still working outstation without any holidays. So only 5 of us taking this picture.

Reunion Dinner

After dinner, we all went to GreenBox Karaoke (Sg Wang). Seldom bring mom and brother out for karaoke, I know they love singing also but didn’t have much chances.

Kenny jai is becoming handsome, I love him wearing shirt like that. Looking so smart!

Kenny Singing

By the way, Greenbox Karaoke was great. Refreshing outlook/interior and better services. Cheap and no hidden charges (like the stupid fruits and tidbits that are compulsory). Free flow of drinks (beer excluded) and supper buffet was served! For only RM33 ++ per head. I think it’s quite okay for the price.

All of us wearing new shirt/skirts/dress on the 1st day of CNY. Damn Happy. Haha, who does not love new stuff.

We went to visit my Granny, uncle, auntie and cousins. It was not a busy day. Later at night, my crazy jimuis came visit me. Getting lesser year by year. May cheah stuck at UK, chenYi applying PR at Australia (succeed) and Shuenn didn’t come for no reason. But it’s ok, at least they are still coming. Who knows next year will be crowded as they might bring their kids? :p


2nd day was always the busiest day and most ang pows day for me. We went to visit mom’s side uncle aunties. As what we did for the past years, we set the theme color for this year – RED.

Red is the color

How How in red color

At uncle’s house, we take ang pows, take pictures, eat, gamble and watch the lion dance. BTW, i won some money on that day. Kekeke.

Lion Dance

The lion dance group was the same as last year’s one. They didn’t even change the color. It was matching with our last year’s theme color.

On the 3rd day, i was feeling terrible. I lose money on JinLaMi game at my auntie’s house (staying next block). I was having headache so i went home to rest.

Now only I realized that I did not take much pictures after 2nd day. Sad!!!

On 4th day, Caker, Adrian (aka Otoman) and Christine came my house in the afternoon. It was the day I won some money too. Syen, Seng Kee, Siew Hua, Jow and jow’s friend also came later to my house. I’ve forgotten to help my mom to distribute ang pow to them, my apology!

Since I won some money, I decided to buy Caker, Adrian and Christine a dinner. We head to Dak Fuk Restaurant near my house. Eating crabs there were cheap – RM18 / kg.

I was so regret that I forgotten to take pictures with all of them. How can I forget about that? Terrible mistake.

Anyway, I’ve got new dresses for myself this year. Oh, noticed I’ve dyed my hair? :) New Hair color as well…

My new dress

Playing new mahjong set – LV mahjong!

LV mahjong set

And new bf…

New Bf

Haha, no la.. that’s not my new bf.

Having too many days of leave was not really a good thing. I slept till late at noon because I stayed awake till 6am. How am I going to adjust back my body clock?

Tell you all something interesting, I ‘ate Za Hu’ during mahjong game because I was not having enough fan! damn… I lose 100 bucks that day!

How’s your CNY then? Won a lot? :)

I am going to get ang pow from my boss and colleague when I go back to office.

Wei, a lot more pictures at my CNY photo album. Go view it, if you want.