I am a Julia Wedding News Bride

Updated: Do check out my Taiwan trip post (teaser, PS day, Trip part 1, part 2 (included some photos taken during PS), part 3, part 4 and part 5) and pre-wedding photos teaser.

Episode: Visit Bridal Shop

Since me and Hongkiat based at Singapore most of the time, we decided to look for bridal shop at Singapore.

At least it is easier for us to accommodate everything. I am pretty sure that we will at least visit the bridal shop for 10 times before my actual wedding day. It’s not convenient for us to always travel back to KL.


I’ve done some research on bridal shops. Read through the  forums. Heard that this Julia Wedding News is pretty popular among the choices. They are famous for the photography skills and beautiful wedding gowns.

Therefore, me and Hongkiat went to this bridal shop to check it out.

Initially, we just thought of checking out the price and package. After hours of viewing other couples’ album and discussion on packages, I can’t believe we make the decision on taking one of the packages.

The gowns are beautiful and special. I haven’t try on them but I have confident that I can carry them. Their photography skills are good and HK has confident that they can deliver what we want.

Besides, we had a very good chat experience with the manager (Michelle from Taiwan) and coordinator (Jess from Malaysia).

Although the package is a bit pricey compare to other bridal shops and not mentioning those in KL, but convenience also a very important issue. Instead of spending money on bus tickets and time on traveling, I guess signing up package here will a lot more worthy.

I will not disclose my package here as people still need to do business, cannot anyhow disclose what they included for me in public. But if you’d like to know, can email me or ask me personally. I don’t mind to share with you what I’ve bargained. :p

One biggest plus about this, we topped up less than SGD 100 to go Taiwan for photoshoot  :))) Of course, air tickets and accommodation are not included.

Taiwan, I am coming!

Cely and Hongkiat at Julia Wedding News Bridal Shop

This picture was taken at the time we first visit Julia Wedding News bridal shop at Tanjong Pagar. Jess said she need to keep one picture of us before the photoshoot and everything.

It was taken by those Polaroid camera, she gave us this one because Hongkiat was like ter-close the eyes. So Jess kept the second picture. :)