Wedding Preparation

These are some outstanding stuff that I want to share before I post all my wedding photos.

Wedding preparation is really a tiring process. Although my mom and mom-in-law help us a lot but still we gotto make all the decisions. They worry we might not like it if they decide for us.

For the past 12 months, we have made several important decisions like choosing the wedding date, restaurant, bridal package, photoshooting venue, ROM date, decorate the bridal room, gor dai lai, bridal car deco, guest list, wedding card, wedding eve buffet, etc etc.

Now that I think back, it’s amazing that me and HK never argue about anything when discussing about wedding stuff. I am glad that he leaves all final decisions to me. It may sound like one man show, but I guess he just want me to be happy about what I decide.

Choosing wedding date – July 2008
After mom-in-law proposed the idea “you both should get married” (now you finally know why are we getting married. Yes, the proposal story i posted previous was made up by me. :p), we gathered our D.O.B and sent to Loh Tit Pat. Apparently Loh Tit Pat is very famous in getting you the wedding dates based on our birthdates and chinese zodiac.

Then few weeks later, Loh Tit Pat gave us a list of dates which were good for us. I filtered and think that 3rd Oct 2009 is the best. I love the fact that it is mooncake festival and it’s Saturday. Saturday meaning everyone can enjoy and get drunk without worrying working the next morning.

Choosing Restaurant - August 2008
Before we book any restaurant, we need to work out roughly how many tables of guests we want to invite. It’s unbelievable when I heard my father-in-law will need at least 35 tables, plus 5 from mom-in-law, plus another 10 from my parent’s side. Meaning it’s already 50 for relatives and parents’ friends. I was thinking, the most friends me and hk can invite would be 10 tables only.  So, I search for restaurants which can hold up to 55 to 65 tables.

I look up at the Malaysian Bride forums, but it did not give me much helps because not much user input. After few rounds of filtering, I called up to Damansara Palace at Kota Damansara, Tai Thong Tropicana and Flower Drum Banquet. But Tai Thong Tropicana and Flower Drum Banquet were fully booked. Damansara Palace is not really an ideal place because of the weird floor plan.

Finally, we thought of Royal China Jalan Ampang. Quickly went for a look and place our booking. Luckily the date still available. We’ve dined in there for several times, thinking it was not bad. We do not hesitate much and go ahead placing deposit of RM3000.

We booked the restaurant within a month after we got the wedding date. It was around August 2008. Imagine we gotto book the restaurant 14 months in advance!

Booking a hotel ballroom? I know the environment is far more better than a restaurant, higher ceiling, bigger stage, prettier decorations, nicer serving but they are way out of budget. Totally not worth. You know why? Inviting guests of more than 50% of people whom you don’t know is one of the main reason why. :p

Bridal Package – November 2008

I did post a bit on the bridal shop that we chose. How did we end up signing up with Julia Wedding News?

At first, I thought of hiring freelancer photographer, rent some gowns, hire makeup artist and fly to somewhere else for photoshooting. After calculating all the keling sum, this idea is kinda time consuming and troublesome.

Should go back KL’s bridal shop for cheaper rate? Hmm, the traveling is killing too much time. Not easy to accommodate for people like us who based in Singapore.

So we decided to go for the traditional way. Engaged with one local bridal shop and get everything done there.

After done some researching online (reading SingaporeBrides Forum), we went to Julia Wedding News to check out the packages. Their gowns are pretty as what people describe. The sales person who end up being my coordinator for 1 year – Jess, she is very nice and we had a great chat.

We signed up on the spot to enjoy more benefits like getting more photos and a bit of discount. Well, they are pretty reputable at Tanjong Pagar area, I must admit they are good in tackling customer, you know, make you happy about your decision.  :)

I walked out the door with a smile thinking that I’ve got a pretty good deal. I know it’s pricey compare to other bridal shop, but I am happy that we are flying to Taiwan for photoshoot. I begin to imagine what’s like shooting in Taiwan, blah blah blah…

After signing up, I still follow closely the Julia Wedding News Thread. I can tell that the deal we made was pretty good compare to other brides. At least I think so. Besides comparing the package, I also able list out few places which are potentially the shooting venue. I am impressed that the JWN thread is so active. Averagely 10 post per day. I also make friends from the thread.

I asked HK to take some photos of my actual day wedding gowns and Kua.




Photoshooting – End of March 2009

I think pre-wedding photoshoot is the happiest part of the wedding.

Because I get to wear beautiful gowns, posing with my beloved hubby whom does not like to take much photograph.

Also because I spent a lot of time on dieting in order to fit myself into most of the gowns. Some of the gowns can’t be amend. I want to look at my best and I believe I did, off coz with a little help on photoshop.

Wearing wedding gowns can be really blissful. It’s easily affected the people around with all the blissfulness. :p

During photoshoot, we have poses that we always laugh at when we see people posing that way. We thought we don’t want those poses, but the photographer make us pose that way.

I love the weather during our stay at Taiwan, it was very chilling and cool. But it was a pity to see a moody sky with no clouds, no blue sky and no sun.

The weirdest thing during the whole photoshoot was the assistant taping my boobs with masking tape. Well, to create the very geng cleavage that you all WOW about. I know!

We were not nervous at all during the whole photoshoot. Not too tiring. I am glad that the shooting team was fun to be with. They are serious and fun at the same time.

I remembered we were shooting at a lake side at Yang Ming Shan. The muddy floor was very slippery and I fell down. Yes, with my beautiful while gown with long train. I knock on my knees. ‘Black Green’ as expected. Pain like hell lor!

Although the bridal package is expensive, but really happy with the outcome. HK and I look great. The album printed nicely. Most importantly is the experience and memories. To get HK doing all these with me, priceless.

I’ll post up my pre-wedding photos soon but here are the teasers I posted up before.


Registration of Marriage – August 2009

We went submitting the form on May. Chosen our ROM date to be in August. We thought 070809 is cool and easy to remember. Totally meaningless to us.


Really really happy that the date is available. Very sweet to see all the happy faces during the ROM. Extremely grateful to see all family members make the effort to attend and witness our registration.


Gor Dai Lai – Sept 2009

This is a chinese tradition thingie where both parties exchange wedding gift like that. My mom gotto prepare 3 things for her son-in-law, meaning my hubby – A belt, A long pant and a wallet. These are for him to make good fortune in his future business or something like that.

Hubby side brought 2 bottle of liquor, red cloth, seafood (海味), chicken, pig hand, bride price (聘礼) and off coz the ‘marry cake’ (50 boxes).


I order the ‘marry cake’ from my cousin. She designed a pair of cute wedding couple cupcake for me. She also help me to look for sweet pink boxes. Really thankful when someone put effort on helping you to get the best. :)


Whether the cupcake is tasty or not, hmm.. not really in the question. I am not allow to eat anyway. hahaha. But I believe it’s nothing bad la.

HK was very exciting about getting the present. All those gifts were his choice. :p We all can tell by looking at his happy face.


Bai Ga Zhong – Sept 2009

Weeks before this day, we have bought a new queen size bed, few pillows, pillow cover, bed sheet, bed frame, wardrobe and makeup table. Father-in-law also hire people to repaint the whole room to make it looks like new.

This Bai Ga Zhong day is basically my sisters help me to decorate the new room, put up the bed sheet cover, pillow cover, stick double happiness wording, put my wedding gifts on the table blah blah blah. Another Chinese Tradition.

They have special date and timing for this action one. We just follow as much as we can. :)

Wedding eve’s Buffet Dinner – Oct 2009

I leave this buffet dinner to my mom. I let her decide for me. She did a great job on this. I mean the catering she found was providing good food. Thanks to my auntie’s recommendation.

Everyone was complimenting the food. We invited more than 150 relatives to come over. It was consider quite a big party. Pool side party somemore. Haha

Fried chicken wings, Toufu Sing Kua, Fried Prawn, Sotong, Mushroom Vege.

Curry Laksa Stall

Ais Kacang and beverages stall

Curry Chicken, Sweet and sour Fish, Fried rice and Nasi Lemak!

Got Fried Kuay Teow Stall


And my favourite, Pohpiah stall.

The whole catering buffet was amazing. So many good food. I had tasted almost everything there.

Really thankful for all the relatives who came to the buffet dinner after work. Everyone stuck in the jam for more than 1 hour. Party ended at 12am.

After the party ended, my grandma insist I should drink the ‘tong yun’. We do not have the ‘comb hair’ ceremony as most of the chinese do as HK is a christian.

Typing the whole post makes me recall back everything. It’s a long process but I learned here and there. It’s fun anyway. My life’s biggest event so far. :)

I will post up my actual day and wedding dinner as soon as I got the photos from my photographer.