Life as a mom

I would say I enjoy it a lot. I am happy that I can see, play, feed Blair everyday I come back from work.

I have great help from my mom in law who gave up her job at KL and take care of Blair in Singapore. Besides taking care of Blair, she also take care of everyone in the house.

I will take over mom in law’s job whenever I can, ie: after work, weekends and public holiday. I don’t really have much time to be with Blair after work because she sleep pretty early. She also need to divide her attention to other family members like her aunt and uncle who come back from work to play with her.

Good thing about it is Blair grew happily under good care and lotsa love from many people.

Blair brought bundle of joy to the whole family. Especially HongKiat. Another soft side of him in front of Blair. She always put a smile on HongKiat’s face. It’s heart melted moment when she always call him ‘Papa’. Even I will jealous of him sometimes (actually most of the time).  Not to say she doesn’t call me, but not everytime she sees me.

Besides being a mom after I go back home, I still go outings with my friends whenever possible, play iPad games. Many times, I still went drinking and movies with HongKiat (after I put Blair to sleep). Well, I heard voices saying I live like no kids and always so free to do own things, I don’t really take this statement as compliment. It sounds like I did not do my job as a mom. Like I leave everything to my mom in law. Maybe I think too much, but sorry I don’t like that statement.

I do have a lot things and thoughts to share in my blog (I have my trips in draft), but I need to learn to talk less and not to share all my happiness in public. People do not enjoy and actually hate my good life. Even this is my own blog. I have enough nasty comments from everywhere.

Don’t tell me “friends and enemies don’t need explanation”, sometimes friends don’t think the way we thought they are thinking, you will need to explain yourself if you care. It’s tiring but you still need to explain if you care. Does not matter who you explain to. It breaks my heart to have know about friends who actually hate me for my good life. I thought I am sharing my happiness, but they think I am just showing off. I learnt from past experience.

I am still a happy person, I know. That’s all that matters.