The forgotten blog

It has been quite a while since my last post. I noticed that my blog is being flagged to have malware by google.

I just did an wp update to the latest version, realized that I haven’t done that in ages. I also marked all the stupid comments as spam. What else can I do to have the malware warning removed?

I’ve been sharing most of my happy and unhappy moments in Facebook, where I can choose people who can read what I shared. At least I think it’s within my control. Unlike the blog where it can access by public.

Anyway, maybe I’ll just share whatever I think it’s fine to be shared here. I hope people who read will stop picking on my grammar mistakes. I no writer okay.

Lets promise myself that I’ll document down my future trips in this blog again. I miss reading back my trips. I have travelled on few trips that I did not blog about. I hope I can remember it by just looking at photos.

I am not sure what is this entry about, but it was something came across my mind as I am typing.

Off to sleep now.

Lastly, lets end the post with a pic. A novel that I’ve just finish reading it. Love how the thrill the story is. . Recommended!