Mixed feeling

I have mixed feelings.

I don’t remember I attended any nursery or playgroups (that’s what they call in Singapore) before kindergarden.

I even attended kindergarden when I was 6 years old. Attended 1 year before I went primary. That’s how short my pre-school life.

Nowadays, parents will put their kids to nursery and playgroups. The toddlers are as young as 18 months old.

Part of me agree that they should start young, so they learn as much as they can, as they can absorb and learn fast at this age.

Another part of me thinking that its so cruel that they need to blend into this competitive world at this young age. If they learn slower, they will have bigger learning curve later, they might have hard time catching up.

I’ve just registered Blair to a 2 hour daily (Mon-Fri) playgroup. I think 2 hour is reasonable. She can mix around with more people besides the family members, she can develop better social skills, she could learn a lot more than what we taught her, in a proper way.

My baby girl is going to class soon, as soon as next year! How time flies so fast?