My baby

Blair always have something to impress me.

Like today, she is having slight fever. We want her to drink the medicine, she refused at first, but after we talk to her that she is sick and have to drink medicine to recover, she seems to understand. She happily finished the medicine and a glass of water.

I am impressed by the attitude that she is having. She is only a 21 months old toddler. She can understand us and willing to cooperate. This is not a rare case, she really understand us and seldom give us difficult time. Never wanted something and don’t want to give in. She always cooperate and listen to us.

My good girl. Mommy loves you!

Updated: Another impressive question she asked when Hongkiat is trying to take her temperature with ear thermometer, “papa, which ear do you want?”

This is something definitely new as we did not teach. I am amazed by how fast she can developed by relating everything.