Fake measle

Blair was having high fever for four days. I think I was the one who passed the virus to her as I was having flu for few days before also.

So Blair started off with high fever between 38-40 degree Celsius. Up and down over the few days from Tuesday to Friday.

We brought her to children clinic after a day feeding her paracetamol syrup. Her fever has not disappear after 24 hrs.

At children clinic, doctor has no clue what will the illness be. So he was checking the 3 illness that are life threatening – meningitis (脑膜炎), UTI (尿道发炎) and pneumonia (肺炎).

While doing urine test, she is required to urinate. amazingly, she urinate within 5 mins time. Even hongkiat cant believe she can do that.

She was not infected for the mentioned 3 illness. Doctor ask us not to worry. Doctor said she was attacked by virus but did not say what virus. He said the fever will disappear within 5 days. We will just have to monitor.

The high fever really went away by Friday. But we noticed red spots on her body. I quickly go google about this. Found out a illness called roseola.

The symptoms mentioned are totally same like Blair, having high fever and red spots.

It was not something serious. It’s a common sick for baby at her age.

Moreover, she behaves normal. As active as she always did.