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Fake measle

Blair was having high fever for four days. I think I was the one who passed the virus to her as I was having flu for few days before also. So Blair started off with high fever between 38-40 degree Celsius. Up and down over the few days from Tuesday to Friday. We brought her […]

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My baby

Blair always have something to impress me. Like today, she is having slight fever. We want her to drink the medicine, she refused at first, but after we talk to her that she is sick and have to drink medicine to recover, she seems to understand. She happily finished the medicine and a glass of […]

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Mixed feeling

I have mixed feelings. I don’t remember I attended any nursery or playgroups (that’s what they call in Singapore) before kindergarden. I even attended kindergarden when I was 6 years old. Attended 1 year before I went primary. That’s how short my pre-school life. Nowadays, parents will put their kids to nursery and playgroups. The […]

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Unproductive day

Feel so lost when I don’t know what to do. Don’t know how to start. Don’t even know what to ask. Posted questions to the analyst but no answer even after 1 week. My questions are too stupid? Or I asked the incorrect questions? Feel so unproductive. Sien.

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