Fake measle

Blair was having high fever for four days. I think I was the one who passed the virus to her as I was having flu for few days before also. So Blair started off with high fever between 38-40 degree Celsius. Up and down over the few days from Tuesday to Friday. We brought her […]

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My baby

Blair always have something to impress me. Like today, she is having slight fever. We want her to drink the medicine, she refused at first, but after we talk to her that she is sick and have to drink medicine to recover, she seems to understand. She happily finished the medicine and a glass of […]

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Blair at 8 months old

It has been 3 months since last post. I’ve been lazy to update my blog. Was away for almost a month for holiday. Anyway, Blair has been growing well. She achieved a few milestones as expected. She can now waves bye bye, nod her head, starting to crawl on four, eating more solid food, grow […]

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Blair is 5 months old

Time flies. Blair is already 5 months and 1 week old. She has been growing pretty good. Although she can be quite fussy during feeding, but she is still a happy baby. Regarding her fussiness, I guess it was because she is ready for solid food. I’ve read somewhere about how to tell baby is […]

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Babies love swimming

Not sure how true is it, but Blair gets better each time. Today was her 6th session, I decided to let her go for big pool. It seems like a correct decision, she loves it! She swim for more than 20 mins. Breaking her own record for stay this long. She also smile a lot […]

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