See Ghost!

My camera is haunted! Help! I don’t know what happen to my camera, it suddenly became like this. No matter what mode I put, the outcome still the same. If taking picture with the Flash on, it’s even worst! Everything became white color! Then my friend try snap a picture of me, and ta dang! […]

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Don’t Flood me with Emoticons

I know emoticons are useful sometimes, especially when you wanna express your feelings without typing much. Emoticons are cute, funny and notty. But hor, it’s not funny anymore, not cute anymore and not even notty anymore when your flood them. My friend Michael (I am not sure if he reads my blog), I don’t know […]

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Driving in KL sux

You should be totally agree with me if you are an experienced driver in KL. Everyday traffic jam, slow moving traffic is frustrated. Worst when raining, flood, trees fall down, landslide, careless accidents that slow down the traffic. To add in more things in the scene, you met idiots driving on the road. Last sunday, […]

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Blame it to the PMS

1. Cant stand the slow-ness of the car in front. 2. Can never understand why the fat bum bum in front walking so slow and blocking the way! 3. Why is it the office located so far away from LRT Station? 4. Stupid internet connection get disconnected for few times. 5. The toilet is smelly […]

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Dining Etiquette

I don’t know what you are thinking when you see this. (Please don’t get me wrong, I am not pervert or obsess with leg wide open, because this is not the first time I talk about this.) But I will think this way – She is a big dumb to sit like this. I mean, […]

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