Who Surprises Who? When Birthday Party Countered by Marriage Proposal

Here are some stories before the day begins. It was Caker‘s 31st birthday. He plan to propose to his girl but he needs our help. He wants to make it a surprise to her. He wants us to contact Shuben and kinda plan a surprise birthday party for him. Without much hesitation, Shuben agreed to […]

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Belle’s Wedding

It was a good timing for me to go back to KL on that weekend. Belle’s wedding and mid autumn festival! I enjoy that weekend very much. First of all, congrats to Sam and Belle. Belle, you look great, please dun worry. As I’ve said it a million times to you, I love you eyes […]

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I miss him

Although I go back to KL almost once a month, but I don’t always get to see him. My sister always mms me his funny pose. He always does something to get attention from everyone, especially his brother just born last month. Almost all the attention suddenly went to the little baby brother, he sure […]

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My Birthday Celebration

My birthday has passed. Thanks to everyone who wish me. I went back to KL with my man for the weekend. Coincidentally my birthday fall on a public holiday this year and it make a longer weekend. Well, not really having birthday celebration, just meeting some friends and spending most of the time with my […]

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My Grandparent’s Golden Wedding Dinner

I went back to KL 2 weeks ago to attend my grandparent’s Golden Wedding dinner (50th Anniversary). I took a day off as the dinner was held on Sunday, I can only go back to Singapore on Monday. My grandparents were very cute and sweet that night. They have never looked so grand before. But […]

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