How he proposed to me

I am sure you all are interested to know how he proposed to me. I have not been telling anyone the truth. I always told people that he did not propose. We had mutual agreement and just decided to get married. Here is the story. It’s not the sweetest one but definitely a good one. […]

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Joke of the day

She had abnormal like before. Poor thing. We all (colleagues) knew she was a frog. It was some inside joke.

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She is really a joker

I mean, how can you say she is not when: Scenario 1: There was a test we did, we required our members to fax in their endorsed test sheet to us. So we were waiting and waiting for those fax. But after some time, still no fax coming in. So some of us figured out […]

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Hello Panda or Kungfu Panda?

Sometimes my colleagues can be very cute. The other day we were all eating a pack of Hello Panda biscuits each of us, then was having a little chit-chatting session. We like to ask each other what have they been doing lately, watching any movies or so.. Suddenly, Miss SM asked me, “Eh, so the […]

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Jason Says “Car In A Monsoon Drain”

This happened less than 100m away from my house. I don’t know how it happened, but my best guess is that the car, driven by an international student, was speeding along the main road before turning into the corner. Entering a narrow junction at high speed is definitely not a wise thing to do. Probably […]

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