Gucci Teddy Bear

Hongkiat bought a Gucci Teddy Bear for Blair online. It was finally being delivered to our house. It’s not a soft toy. It’s not in pink but light purple. I think Blair will love it as she started to hold things with her little hands.

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Double C – new vs old

It has been almost 2 years since I bought that wallet. The white color C has become grey color. Then the number of cards I m holding also increasing. Figured its time to change a new one. Since white C will become grey, I might as well just buy a grey color C! Haha! The […]

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My Macbook Air also got new bag

Days ago Hongkiat blogged about cool laptop sleeves and bags in his blog, the owner of, one of the websites he put in the list, would like to send him one free laptop bag as an appreciation to mention the website. Well, since Hongkiat already has laptop bag himself, he decided to give my […]

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My New Prada Bag

Muahahah! *Evil laugh* This is a show off post. For those who cannot stand me showing off, please X immediately. :) Don’t say I never warn hor. One year ago, Hongkiat bought me a really nice coach bag for my birthday, which is still very much my favourite. He always wanted to buy me the […]

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Shoes for the pre-wedding photoshoot

Today I wore my new red birkenstock davos to work. I received compliements from my colleagues. They said the shoes was cute. Hehehe. I know! Anyway, I just wanna upload some photo about the shoes that I bought for my pre-wedding photoshoot. It was the kind of shoes that I will never buy. If it […]

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