Finally she arrived

On 10th of March 2011. Overdue for 4 days. That day was supposed to be a check up. I did not expect my gynae to break the water during the check up and send me to labor room. We went for the check up as per appointed. Nothing was discussed earlier what will be done […]

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Due date plus 2

40 Weeks + 2 days Colleagues were surprised to still see me working when I’ve passed my due date. For the experienced one, off coz they will never ask. For the younger one, they were very concerned about me. They worry suddenly my baby come out or something. Friends also have been very concerned about […]

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Countdown: 1 day

Haha, tomorrow will be the due date already. She is still kicking hard and staying comfortably inside me. I guess she haven’t decide her birth date yet. Still no signs of labor. Went for check up on Thursday (3 March). My gynae did a vaginal examination for me, no dilation yet, not even 1cm according […]

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Countdown: 6 days

No, I am still waiting for my precious to arrive. My due date is 6th March. It’s not overdue yet. It’s just getting nearer. But I actually can’t wait already. Hehe. Went to Kiddy Palace to buy more cloths for her. I know I know, babies outgrown very very fast, but I really buy too […]

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Countdown: 9 days

Wow, single digit now! Counting down 9 days. I gotto remember how huge I look now. I always say I wanna take a polaroid picture of my pregnant look but till date still haven take. I must make HK to take for me tomorrow. HK and my mil have been busy relocating the furniture at […]

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