2nd Anniversary

It has been 2 years since we are married. It feels like ages we have been together. In fact we have been together for almost 10 years! We do not buy anything for each other anymore even during occasion like this. But yet I felt very warm that you still put the effort to cook […]

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I am Married

Just a quick update. I suppose friends in my facebook already saw a lot of my wedding pictures, uploaded by my photographer and friends. I should post the same photos here for my family members who does not have facebook account, especially my uncles and aunties. :) I got all these photos from my photographer’s […]

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Our Wedding Invitation Card

I guess most of our invited guest should have got the cards, either by mail or hand. :) This card is specially designed. Those default invitation cards were all distributed to relatives. Our dear friends deserved something special. :) I am glad everyone loves it. We love it also. Initially, HK said he will design […]

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ROM @ 070809

I have been counting down to this date ever since we submitted the form to JPN Putrajaya in May. I checked the things that I packed for few times to ensure that I did not miss to bring back all the important documents like the notification letter, our IC, the rings, the passport, the blue […]

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Title says it all. I am officially 28 now! My colleagues who all younger than me insist wanna celebrate my birthday as well as Andy’s birthday which fall 3 days after me. We went to an Indonesian Restaurant @ Lucky Plaza Orchard road for dinner. The food was quite nice, spicy enough. The famous Ayam […]

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