Mixed feeling

I have mixed feelings.

I don’t remember I attended any nursery or playgroups (that’s what they call in Singapore) before kindergarden.

I even attended kindergarden when I was 6 years old. Attended 1 year before I went primary. That’s how short my pre-school life.

Nowadays, parents will put their kids to nursery and playgroups. The toddlers are as young as 18 months old.

Part of me agree that they should start young, so they learn as much as they can, as they can absorb and learn fast at this age.

Another part of me thinking that its so cruel that they need to blend into this competitive world at this young age. If they learn slower, they will have bigger learning curve later, they might have hard time catching up.

I’ve just registered Blair to a 2 hour daily (Mon-Fri) playgroup. I think 2 hour is reasonable. She can mix around with more people besides the family members, she can develop better social skills, she could learn a lot more than what we taught her, in a proper way.

My baby girl is going to class soon, as soon as next year! How time flies so fast?


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Unproductive day

Feel so lost when I don’t know what to do. Don’t know how to start.

Don’t even know what to ask. Posted questions to the analyst but no answer even after 1 week. My questions are too stupid? Or I asked the incorrect questions?

Feel so unproductive. Sien.


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Holiday mood

Shit, not in the mood of working now. Keep thinking about my upcoming trips!

I couldn’t believe I have not exchange any money for the coming trip, which we are flying tomorrow!

I have not finish packing. Will need to review the itinerary again.

Tonight will have a lot to do! But I am excited, although I’ve been there for few times already. Because I am going with all the people I love.


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The bus journey

I’ve been working for more than 5 years in Singapore. I can’t remember when was the last time I took a bus to workplace.

Now I am assigned to this project, client’s place where I can take a bus to. The bus journey was short and sweet. It merely takes about 30 minutes. I have been taking the same bus (the number) at the same time for over few weeks.

I must compliment the bus system here is organized. I have an app in hp which I can check buses that will stop at this bus stop, the arrival time of each bus, and the route of the bus with the bus stop name. The time arrival is almost accurate. I love the app!

I spent most of the time reading novels, checking fb and now I might have enough time to blog. Well provided that I have a seat. :)

I enjoy the quiet moment that I have. It’s not as crowded as mrt. Not squeezy.

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The forgotten blog

It has been quite a while since my last post. I noticed that my blog is being flagged to have malware by google.

I just did an wp update to the latest version, realized that I haven’t done that in ages. I also marked all the stupid comments as spam. What else can I do to have the malware warning removed?

I’ve been sharing most of my happy and unhappy moments in Facebook, where I can choose people who can read what I shared. At least I think it’s within my control. Unlike the blog where it can access by public.

Anyway, maybe I’ll just share whatever I think it’s fine to be shared here. I hope people who read will stop picking on my grammar mistakes. I no writer okay.

Lets promise myself that I’ll document down my future trips in this blog again. I miss reading back my trips. I have travelled on few trips that I did not blog about. I hope I can remember it by just looking at photos.

I am not sure what is this entry about, but it was something came across my mind as I am typing.

Off to sleep now.

Lastly, lets end the post with a pic. A novel that I’ve just finish reading it. Love how the thrill the story is. . Recommended!


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